Bring the Opportunity Program aims at providing every children in Kelantan with personal development, motivation and excellent academic performance through different sports.  


B-TOP was initiated in 2014 by coach Rudie with a group of youth in his neighbourhood, who were his sons’ friends. At that time, the intention was to get to know them and ensuring safety environment. Instead he has given the youths the opportunity to play with a proper coach. He has created a positive environment for them with his motivational approach.  His efforts were fruitful and observed by others. Subsequently B-TOP was offered to help problematic youths in an outlying district. Since 2015, B-TOP has been providing free FOOTBALL PRACTICE  to more than 30 students each year, ages 13 through 16, in Bachok. With the help of two experienced volunteers, the program meets twice a week and has proven to support excellent academic performance and overall student motivation.


B-TOP believe that all children should be given opportunity to play and enjoy their childhood. FUTSAL was introduced to primary school children ages 9 to 12. This futsal program is not only aims to develop the children skills in football, it also coach them soft skills, team work, time management and effective communication.  The program creates the opportunity for the children to be active in a safe environment. B-TOP has been helping the children who were previously excluded by their school team, and be given same amount of opportunity to play in the team, to be belong to   a team. This supports their self esteem and helps to develop a positive personality in their later adulthood.


B-TOP was fully established as a Sport Social Entrepreneur in 2015. In 2016, B-TOP was selected as top 12 Social Entrepreneur by Malaysian GIobal  Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) under MAP SE Track Cohort 02.  Over the past 3 years B-TOP teams have travelled to different competitions and ended up at 4th positions in PBRB National League 2016 and FADA National League 2017. In 2017, BTOP expands to different sport other than football and futsal.


Since September 2017, B-TOP is offering primary students in Kota Bharu holistic ARCHERY TRAINING. We currently serve more than 60 students at a primary school in Kota Bharu suburb, ages 7 to 11, and have also started a parent team!   Our program is lead by two certified experienced professional coaches. Each student supports the program with a symbolic RM20 monthly fee to help cover our costs. However, due to the increasing demands from new students and the cost of equipment, their contributions are not enough to meet the program’s current needs.


To engage with the girls, B-TOP offers SOFTBALL to the secondary students. It is a program which targets for the girls to represent their school at least at district level. Currently there are about 45 female students involved with the program.



More than just fun, B-TOP PLAY and TALK  approach uses personal coaching methods as well as life-skills training to fully develop our youth. B-TOP’s coaches are always looking for new skills and are constantly receiving new certifications. In order to continue supporting our coaches professional  development and to ensure sustainability of the program, sponsor partnership is needed.



B-TOP aims at providing safe and fun learning  environments to practice sports. However, at the same time, we offer the chance to participate in Regional and National Tournaments, giving the opportunity to our students to gain recognition and extra academic credit. These competitions  demand high disbursements of financial resources which is why B-TOP continues to need external support.




Finally, in August 2017, BTOP was selected amongst other 10 national and ASEAN organizations to become a part of MOF’s (Ministry of Finance) VIP (volunteering for international professionals) program. This has provide us with the opportunity to work with 3 international Fellows who have been supporting our mission during the past months.