Bring The Opportunity Program (B-TOP) Sports Academy is a SOCIAL ENTERPRISE that focus on sport development in youth

Our Vision is to be the leading dynamic youth academy in a caring and loving society.


  1. EMOTION – We focus to reduce  their stress level by allowing them to play freely. They can express their feeling to the coach.
  2. PHYSICAL – We help to develop skills in the particular sport and also able to fight obesity among children.   Children in Malaysia is usually academically oriented where they focuses more on studying. In B-TOP, we give them opportunity to play with a fun games.
  3. LIFE  – We help to develop their soft skills. In sport, they will learn how to work in team, how to communicate with each other and how to be a leader.

Our programme is about giving OPPORTUNITIES to children, youth and community to change their unhealthy life style to healthy life style through sport activities.

We want to ensure youth live with Positive Vision, through our DYNAMIC ENGAGEMENT PROGRAM.