Cruyff Court Mentuan

Good news! On 22nd of January 2020, a partnership between Yayasan Hasanah with Johan Cruyff Foundation became fruitful as the 6th Cruyff Court was opened at SK Mentuan, Kota Bharu, Kelantan. The court is strategically located just about 10km away from the city center, with a high-density community.

The rapid development of our local community has made the outdoor an unsafe space for our children to play. Streets are packed with cars, and traffic is always jam packed. Playing football on the street is no longer safe. Cruyff Court is exactly the solution we need! Cruyff Court is a safe place to get together and where children get to know the importance of togetherness, making new friends, discovering new talents, and winning and losing.

The court is available for students and public to organise sports events. Book a slot to use the court now!

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