A social enterprise

BTOP Academy

BTOP Academy is a new and budding social enterprise. The nature of a social enterprise is simple: we serve the purpose of a non-profit organisation while having the financial rigor of a for-profit organisation. We balance both impact and business in order to solve a legitimate issue through its offerings driven by market needs. In BTOP Academy, we offer the children and young people the opportunities they deserved. We use sports as our tool to engage with the local community to solve the issue of illicit activities among adolescents.

We believe through BTOP, the youths not only able to explore their interest and potential in sports, but also enhance their performance in class, boost their self-esteem, and improve social communication. For the past few years, our participants from the underprivileged areas were reported to be able to score their “Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia” certificates and are able to further their studies toward achieving their dream careers.

Partner with us to expand our initiative, for the betterment of local youths development!

Our Sustainable Goals Development (SDG) Pillars


Good Health and Well-Being

Promotion of healthy lifestyle and mental health well-being is the key to prevention and reduction in non-communicable diseases and mental illnesses among youth.


Decent Work and Economic Growth

Through BTOP Academy, we hope to reduce the proportion of youth not in employment, education and training under the guidance of trained professionals.

SDG 10

Reduced Inequalities

We aim to empower and promote social inclusion regardless of race, religion, and their economic status, to ensure equal opportunity and inclusion of all especially in aspect of sports and education.

How Can You Help?

As a social enterprise, we hope to maximize improvements in financial and social well-being. Your support and collaboration will definitely help to realise our mission of empowering the youths via sports, to eradicate illicit activities among youths.

ItemBeneficiariesAmount (RM)
Yearly student fee1 student500
Yearly team fee20 students10 000
Individual tournament1 student500
Team tournament20 students10 000
Coach certification1 coach1 000
Team certification5 coaches5 000
Community day60 participants6 000
Logo on our websiteLogo included in our website1 000
Logo on our bannerLogo advertisement on our banners in every tournaments and roadshows for marketing5 000
Logo on our equipmentLogo advertise ment on jerseys, bib etc for marketing1 000

You can also become BTOP’s Uncle by sponsoring RM 10 000, which covers the cost of two teams throughout one year, as well as the cost of attending regional tournaments!

Partnership Engagement