Impact Stories

Inspiring Others

Even before the establishment, BTOP Academy has reached out to many youths within the local community. Get inspired by their stories!

Opportunities They Deserved

Here in BTOP Academy, we empower the youths through sports and healthy lifestyle to curb social problems. We believe inclusivity in providing equal access to opportunities is the key to build engagement between young people, parents and their community.

In return, we hope to identify and enhance budding potentials to produce more athletes with both brawns and brains. At the same time we hope to create job opportunities for alumni and the local community as well by implementing coaching and management skills.

It’s always a win-win situation when you’re with us!



young athletes


Nazwan’s Success Story

BTOP has changed me for the better. Before this, I only focused on football. But after joining BTOP Football Programme, coach guided me a lot in terms of major life decisions. Now, not only I am doing well in football, I also run a business myself.

Nik Nazwan (BTOP alumni)

Creating Impact Through

Sports programmes

Community Resilience Programme

Resilience 101 Coaching

Parental Coaching

Psychological Support Programme

Sports-based Resilience Programme

e-Coaching Lifestyle

Community Financial Literacy

I believe BTOP is able to improve my community. Previously I was only working as a labourer, but my passion toward football lead me to work as a football coach as my side income, this was made possible thanks to BTOP Academy.

Uzmi (BTOP coach & parent)



young athletes

training sessions


young athletes

training sessions


young athletes

training sessions

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“Before joining BTOP, my son always threw tantrum when he can’t play football with his peers. Ever since participating in BTOP Football Programme, he has been stable emotionally. Football is the highlight of his week, he even got ready 2 hours earlier!”

Ibu G (Mother of autistic son)




Liga Futsal BTOP 2019 (U14 Boys)



1 silver medal & 5 bronze medals in MSSD 2020

6 students are qualified for MSS Kelantan 2020



MSS Daerah Bachok (U15)

MSS Daerah Bachok (U18)

Volunteering International Professionals (VIP) by INCITEMENT and Ministry of Finance Malaysia

In 2017, BTOP Academy conducted the Impact Project 7 under VIP Programme. The project improved engagement and confidence among at-risk adolescents, at the same time preventing them from involving in illicit activities. Also, the project helped increase employability and formed a support system for them. The project was made successful with the presence of international fellows.

As for the outcome:
i. 66 students completed the programme succesfully, whereby 2 became coach and another 4 became assistant coach.
ii. 2 modules were created.
iii. 2 training sessions were created and implemented.
iv. 1 tournament was organised.
v. 5 partnerships with relevant organisations were established.
vi. 1 government partnership was established.

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