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7 Jan by Picholas Phoa

Hakikat Sebenar Pengajian Ijazah Undang-undang di Malaysia

Law degree is one of the earliest degrees ever introduced in universities back in the 11th century in Europe. It is a highly regarded qualification and promises various career pathways since law graduates are capable of doing many important roles in various professions. Whilst we have heard a lot of great things about the career, […]
3 Jan by Picholas Phoa

Bola Sepak Berapi: Pertarungan Hangat

Have you seen the film Shaolin Soccer when the football was kicked so hard it’s on fire? Do you believe us if we say fireball soccer is a legit sport? Yes, it is true, and we are going tell you all about it and answer all your burning questions. Fireball soccer, locally known as “sepak […]
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MUET: A (failed) Love Story

If you have gone through the lists of university courses and their requirements, I am sure you have seen the abbreviation “MUET” mentioned several times. It is often thrown around when you discuss higher education. But what is MUET? Is it compulsory? Is my SPM result not enough? Let’s dive into the world of MUET […]
27 Dis by Picholas Phoa

SMO Serah Sumbangan Kepada Pelajar SMK Badak

On 23rd December 2020, BTOP Academy has received a total of 70 reference books donated by Syarikat Muda Osman (SMO) SDN BHD. The contribution was given by Tuan Haji Noor Hisham Yusoff, Executive Director of SMO SDN BHD, to Tuan Haji Rudie Yaakub, CEO of BTOP Academy. The books were distributed to the students of […]
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Pegawai Dietetik: Menyembuh Melalui Pemakanan

If doctors are the brain of the hospital, and nurses are the heart of the hospital, the dietitians must be the stomach! Dietitians are regulated health professionals that assess and treat dietary problems by using the most updated scientific research on food and healthcare. They not only guide people individually, but also at a wider […]
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Doktor Perubatan: Perjalanan Bermakna

Doctor of Medicine (MD) is a very competitive and popular course of study, especially during this pandemic, where the healthcare workers such as doctors, nurses, and other hospital staffs are the frontliners in our battle against COVID-19 virus. Nik Arif, 24 years old, is from Kota Bharu, Kelantan. He has recently graduated from Universiti Sains […]
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Kebaikan dan Keburukan Permainan Video

Video games are electronic game that involves interaction with a user interface or input device (eg. joystick, keyboard, etc) and generation of visual feedback for a player via TV or screens. The booming industry of video games have lead to the increasing interest toward eSport. Back in the days, gaming were only seen as “a […]
9 Dis by Picholas Phoa

Sains Sukan - Sains atau Sukan?

Sport Science is a branch of science that studies the human body response to physical activities, including the study of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, biomechanics, psychology, management et cetera. Today we are fortunate to be able to interview a Sport Science graduate, Miss Phylicia Phoa, regarding her experience on career and education in Sport Science. Phylicia, […]
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Remaja dan COVID-19

TEENS AND COVID-19 COVID-19 has taken the world by storm and impacted the lives of people all over the world, including children and teenagers as well. In Malaysia, the Movement Control Order (MCO) was announced in 11th March 2020, implementing containment measures and closure of majority premises including educational institutions, religious buildings, entertainment and business […]