Its a life changing experience to able to work with amazing people that has the same goals in helping their country. We also came up with an incentives or recommendations to government on theSport Policy. Creating a harmony network with the ASEAN countries 
Youth for Sports and Sustainable Development Goals 2030

Sport and the SDGs Youth fun shop is a program sponsored by UNESCO  and the Philippine Sport Commission, supported by the Asian Development Bank through its Youth for Asia initiative. This program is for young leaders from the ASEAN Member States and Timor-Leste to participate in a sport. Meanwhile  the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) ‘funshop’ is specially designed to enhance meaningful youth participation in sport policy design, foster cooperation across the region and make the case for sport as an important development tool. This is the first cohort of the Sport And The SDGs Youth organised by the UNESCO.

The 3 day program is both learning and action-based, complete with obstacle courses, interaction with local youth and field trip to visit and participate actively in local grass-roots sport for development programmes .

22 out of hundreds that applied from all over ASEAN region were chosen to be a part of the funshop to deliver a TED-style talk in Manilla to an audience of fellow-youth advocates for the power of sport.

Thank you so much PSC and UNESCO, Asian Developmemt Bank, Right To Play and my fellow SDGs enablers! 
Generations for Peace (Indonesia)
Race2Share (Singapore/Ph)
Youth Action for Choice (Vietnam)
Sport Impact (Timor Leste)
Teammates (Indonesia)
BTop Sport Academy (Malaysia)
Spike and Serve Volleyball (Philippines)
Girls Got Game (Philippines)
Sports for Social Change (Cambodia)
Bee Force (Cambodia)
2030 Youth Force (Vietnam)
Action for Change Foundation (Timor-Leste)
KDM Violence Against & Garuda Baru Sport for Devt Program (Indonesia)
Res Cross Society, Univ of East Yangon (Myanmar)
Youth Sports Advocacy (Philippines)
Crowdsukan (Malaysia)
NPB Team (Lao PDR)
Azahar Yoga Foundation (Cambodia)
University Football (Myanmar)
Fundlife (Philippines)
Advocates for Sports Based Social Responsibility (Thailand)
Childs Pose Yoga Project (Philippines)

Thank You @unescojakarta @unesco @phil.sportscommission for a dream come true experience.




On Saturday the 12th of August our Under 12’s had their first game in the MILO tournament. The tournament went well and the boys had many experience from it. I am sure that these boys will be looking forward for more game time like this. Not to worry, we will organise more games for them to improve their skill and knowledge in football. We are really proud of these boys and well done on the performance boys. Keep Fighting and March On!


Our yearly competition had ended. The Results are as shown below.


The first game was up against Pahang (ELEPHANT FC). The game ended 1-6 to the opposition. Our players had a tiring journey to Pahang that manipulated the game. With that said, we were able to put one in the back of net near the final quarter of the game by our Centre Midfilder (Hakimi Sidik).

Onto to our next game against Selangor (NADI DAHLIA FC) that ended 1-0 to us. The game was strenuous for both side, the boys put an outstanding performance even with the weather reaching 33°C. The goal came at the start of the second half, as we intercept our opponent’s play and start our counter attack by our Centre Back (Aiman Haron) as he managed to lobbed the ball over the opposition defenders and drop on the path of our Right Wing (Alif Kastua) that managed to convert it to goal.  

Our next game was 30 minutes after, the boys was worn out but know they had to finish their job. The final match was with Johor (PONTIAN FA), the game was tough and full of extreme physical contact. Our boys managed to stop many attempts but slip 2 passed. Even-though the game did not end up the way we wanted, we were proud of the boys for pushing through. The score between Johor was 0-2 to them. The boys did exceptionally well and we were filled with joy having them in the journey.



Remember Boys, this is only the first step into stepping into the real football world.

U17 B-TOP Cannons Academy 2 – 1 U18 SMK KANDIS


Our second friendly kicks off at SMK Kandis’s Home ground. The boys gathered at their school, SMK Badak before we headed off to SMK Kandis. The management team had managed to rent a bus for the team to travelled. We head off to SMK Kandis at 4.45pm, the journey was Hectic as the boys had to get ready in the bus. We arrived there at 5.15pm, as soon as the boys stepped on the pitch. Our coaches had set a warm-up for them to make sure they were warmed up and stretched properly. The game kicked off at 5.30pm, the game started off with the Home team scoring the first goal the 15th min. The goal was from a lose ball that they counter attacked on. SMK Kandis’s player slotted bottom right of our Goalkeeper, the ball was travelling bouncily that made it hard for the Goalkeeper. As the first half about to end , we played a very well passing game that we managed to win a free kick at the edge of the box. Our Left Back, Azam Ismail stepped up to take it. He smashed it right in the middle that had a very strong curled that managed to confused the Goalkeeper. As the Clock was ticking down to half time, we managed to comeback into the game. Later on the game, we received a 15 yards indirect free kick. The free kick was taken by our Centre Attacking midfielder, Syahrul Azam. he took a very strong strike but the shot was blocked by the Defensive wall of SMK Kandis. Two minutes left on the clock as the game about to end, the boys was playing a very strong counter attacking game that our second goal had come from the left side of the pitch from a throw-in. The ball was controlled by our Defensive Midfielder, Harith Zairi crossed to our main striker in the middle, Adib Helmee (on the left in the picture). He took a beautiful touch and dribbled through 3 defenders and shot at the bottom right of SMK Kandis’s Goalkeeper. The first half ended with 2 – 1 to us. As the second half started we created more chances but cannot put our chances away. The game ended 2 – 1 to Cannons as the boys celebrate their first win. The boys played well and it was rightful to say that the boys deserved the win. Congrats on the win. We must Heads up and focus on the upcoming games. March On Cannons!

U17 B-TOP Cannons Academy 0 -1 U21 KV BACHOK   


Towards our Competition on 29th April till 1st of May, B-TOP Cannons Academy had organised friendlies. Our first match was with U21’s KV Bachok. The match was played at KV Bachok home ground. The match started well with 75 percent possession on us but on the 20th mins KV Bachok was rewarded a free kick 35 yards out. Later in the game, the player was still anxious about the first match that the crossed that was put in by KV Bachok was headed back by our Centre Back and passed our Goalkeeper. After the goal was scored by KV Bachok, the boys managed to get back to their momentum with good passes. Plenty of chances was created but luck was not our side that our Striker, Syahrul Azam’s shot was denied by the GoalPost. The match ended as 0 – 1 lost to KV Bachok. The boys played well for their first game. We believe with more training drills and game time, the boys will win more games in the coming future. Keep pushing and move on. C’mon Cannons!



We want to congratulate our under12’s player, Muhamad Shamsul Adham on his outstanding performance with the school team on the 17th of April 2017. Shamsul’s school team (SK ISLAH) had managed to get second runners up in their QIT competition. Shamsul contribute one long range goal from outside of the box. The effort that Shamsul put in every single game impressed us. He has a bright future, keep fighting and march on. Well done again and keep it up little champ!

B-TOP Academy friendly with MPKB FC academy, result 0 – 0


mpkb akademi