Sports Programmes

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BTOP Academy provides certified and professional coaches to train the youths to their full potential.


BTOP Futsal Programme is catered for 12 players aged between 9 to 14 years old. In this programme, we aim to engage with the youths to improve their interpersonal skills, at the same time coaching them the right techniques to excel in futsal.

The team is managed by 2 certified Junior Coach of Football Federation Australia, Coach Afeeq and Coach Hazeeq.


BTOP Archery Programme is introduced in hope to help participants to focus on their target in life, much like the fundamentals of archery.

This programme provides the opportunity for the kids to get involved in archery under the guidance of Coach Rudie, certified Professional Coaching from National Archery Level 1 NAAM, plus the chance to participate in various archery competitions.


BTOP Football Programme was established since 2009. It is divided into 4 stages, and players are divided according to specific age groups.

1. BTOP U12 (12 players)
This group is specifically for players aged between 9 to 11 years old. Through football, students not only learn various football skills, but are also able to instil good personal skills throughout the training.

2. BTOP U13 (20 players)
In this stage, football acts as a catalyst to motivate the students to focus and excel in academics, and to train self discipline. We also hope that this programme is able to boost their self esteem in transition of entering teenhood.

3. BTOP U15 (20 players)
The third stage of this programme is specifically tailored for junior players. The main focus in our module is to enhance their personal and organisational development skills. All players will learn how to play as a team, understanding the true meaning of cooperation, teamwork and sportsmanship.

4. BTOP U17 (20 players)
20 players among secondary school students will be given the opportunity to enter the final stage of BTOP Football Programme. At this stage, we aim to provide balance between football and academics. Since these students are facing their SPM soon, the programme is hoped to be able to motivate them to work hard and give them guidance in general.


BTOP Softball Programme was introduced in SMK Badak to attract young girls to participate in sports. The programme went for around 1 year until it was halted. We hope that more sports programmes will be introduced in the future.